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Posted by on Mar 22, 2012 in Feeling Overwhelmed, The at home Entrepreneur, Work Life Balance | 0 comments

40 Signs that you are working way to much. When Mompreneurs go over the top.

woman leaning with her forhead on her computer

  1. You sometimes find yourself looking for something to wear in the dirty laundry
  2. You have begun to look at bed head as a cool new hairstyle
  3. You can’t go swimming until after you make an appointment with your waxer
  4. Veggie patties in the oven and rice seem like an awful lot of work for dinner
  5. You inhale food standing up while the kids sit at the table or you don´t eat at all
  6. Your attitude is if it isn’t fast and easy you ain´t cooking it.
  7. You can’t remember who waxes your legs.
  8. You remember the gym fondly
  9. Your dirt tolerance has increased to the point of no return
  10. You have a short notice appointment deal with your hairdresser
  11. You do all your duty calls to family, friends, clients, etc in the car
  12. You feel like your kids school is stalking you with information emails
  13. You often half complete projects because something more pressing comes up
  14. You have little pieces of paper everywhere that have to do lists and reminders on them you just can’t be bothered to find them or read them
  15. You have begun to hate Halloween because it means you have to think of costumes for the kids then buy or make them.
  16. You have 1700 unopened emails in just one of your email accounts
  17. You don’t even feel like going on vacation because of all the planning
  18. You have accidentally left the car running while you ran in to work, the store, home…
  19. You avoid calling your friends in case they want to go somewhere or do something
  20. Your really good friend just had a baby and you are on the way to see her for the first time after the birth and you just realized its 2 years old already
  21. You hear yourself telling the cashier to make it snappy because you are in a hurry
  22. You can’t remember who the heck your waxing lady is or when you used her last all you know is that if you don’t find out soon they will have to knock you out before your next appointment.
  23. You wear the same jewlery every day even though you have a drawer full of it.
  24. By the time you look up from your computer your kids have gone to bed once again without letting you know or saying goodnight.
  25. I’ll get to it tomorrow even sounds like a broken record to you
  26. When someone asks you something you hear yourself asking how important is it because if it’s not an emergency its going at the bottom of the to do list.
  27. You smile and nod when the kids are talking you but don´t really hear what they are saying
  28. You have become a pro at rescheduling everything
  29. Your toenails look like someone took a bite out of them
  30.  You answer emails or make calls while using the restroom
  31.   You constantly cancel appointments so your dentist, hairdresser and manicurist have all fired you
  32.  You miss important emails because you don’t ever bother to open any emails not work related
  33. You disconnect your home phone just so that it won’t ring
  34.  You avoid having company so that you can avoid them smelling the stench coming from the fridge
  35. Your oldest is still in Velcro runners because you don’t have time to teach him to tie his laces
  36. You have the nanny do your kids homework
  37. You blow dry your hair, brush your teeth and direct the kids to get ready for school all at the same time
  38. Your kids write their own notes and just get you to sign
  39. You brought baguettes and a bucket of margarine to the school potluck
  40. Your husband calls you from the next room when he wants to talk to you.
  41. You think paying bills on time is not possible not because you don’t have the money but rather because you don’t have the time
  42. Your cousin got marries, divorces and married again and you only just heard about it
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