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Posted by on Mar 3, 2013 in Feeling Overwhelmed, Productivity, Time Management | 0 comments

9 Time Management Tips to Planning the Wedding of Your Dreams

The date is set, the dream is clear now how are you going to plan the wedding of your dreams when you already have a busy life?

The wedding is slowly coming closer and you havent planned anything. Where do you start and how in the world are you going to manage planning a wedding when you have a busy job, a life, friend’s family and an incredible man that makes your knees weak in the knees that you want to spend every free minute with? It is natural to feel overwhelmed, everyone goes through this, not that that makes it any easier. The first thing you need to realize is that planning an amazing wedding that will be the beginning of the life of your dreams takes time. Most brides in fact actually devote on average 37 hours per month planning their weddings.  That is a huge chunk of time that you need to devote to planning a wedding not to mention all the details that you need to take care of, remember and deal with before the big day. Don´t be surprised if you need to shift things around, make some phone calls while at work and ask for help. Don´t worry though because below are some tried and true strategies to help you plan the most amazing wedding without going insane.

1. Be prepared to do some major planning

When you are planning a big event like a wedding you can expect the majority of planning to happen in the beginning. You need to set a realistic budget, decide on a venue and make a decision on how many guests to invite and the style. In the end you will need to make decisions about the decorations, the cake, whether or not to have guest favors and the dress. Needless to say you need a solid plan that has a day by day calendar with the tasks at hand. The overall plan needs to be your main concern because the details can be filled in later.


Take some time to let your boss know that you are planning a wedding

Every bride knows that if she has a full time job she is going to have to make some phone calls, take care of details and have a few meetings during work hours in the months before the wedding. Take a few minutes to sit down with your boss to let him or her know what the situation is and what to expect in the coming months. Hack out an acceptable plan so that you do not feel guilty and your boss feels like your performance will not suffer. You will feel a lot better afterwards and your boss will appreciate the honesty.


3. Project planning

Like all big projects whether it is building the Suez Canal, creating a curriculum for a course or planning a wedding you need to have a solid plan. That means you need to be a master goal setter and a responsible planner. You need to start with a budget and a timeline and go from there. The best way to start is to use checklists and go from there.

4. Do Your Research

You need to start by having a dream board or a swipe file. This way when you go out there and start doing research on what your wedding style is and what you want to have at your wedding you can keep all the ideas in one place. You may start out with one vision and end up with another.  to create a place to save your ideas. Use the first few weeks after the engagement to create this file or dream board. There are many great ways to do this for instance or Make sure you don´t just collect images but also contact information for the vendors that you like and may want to use. You don´t want to have to go back and try to figure out where you found the images or ideas.  You will wan to gather information about your wedding ceremony, reception, vendors, bridal party, guest list and finances, dress, cakes and venues.  As your wedding-day draws closer refine the wants and details about the final tallies for guest lists, seating arrangements, schedules and any other pertinent information that you just may need for your wedding day.

5. Use your time wisely

If you use the train or bus to get to work take that time to do some planning, surf the net and make plans or phone calls. Use all dead time like doctors apt, lines, car rides and coffee breaks to get some planning done. Use your lunch hour to meet with friends and brainstorm ideas or to make plans about the wedding.

6. Get a coach

>Doing it all on your own can be overwhelming and it is really unnecessary. If you get yourself a good coach you will be able to focus on what matters, make better goals and deadlines and achieve more than you ever imagined because you have an accountability partner. Don’t underestimate yourself. You have what it takes to rock this but sometimes it is really helpful to have some help. By getting a coach you can accelerate your achievements, reduce stress and focus better on both the wedding planning and your wonderful life. If you really want to get a leg up on your wedding planning go to to sign up for coaching today!

7. Use the god given gifts that the internet has given you

Make giving you gifts a no brainer. Register, if you have everything you need you can register for funds for your honeymoon  and http://registry.applevacations.commany busy brides are going high-tech to get the help they need. Wedding-related computer programs, like to plan your wedding, is amazing when you are delegating tasks to others so that you can keep track of what everyone is doing in one place. Use your smart phone to the limit try Wedding decoration Ideas or My Wedding Planner to help you to do planning on the go. Whatever works for you will be great. Have confidence in yourself and know that you will do great.

8. What can go wrong will go wrong

Anytime you are planning something there will be unexpected occurrences, delays and setbacks. You need to be prepared for these setbacks and plan for them. When you are making a timeline you need to add at least 10% if not 20% more time than you think the task will take to it. You also need to plan for illness exhaustion, fun time, relaxation and personal down time. If you don´t you will burn out. Do yourself a favor and take evasive action. You also need to plan time to nurture your relationship. You don´t want the wedding planning to put too much stress on this wonderful thing you have going with your man. Make the planning as stress free as you can, enjoyable even. If you are not stressed out about time because you planned lots of down time you will reduce stress and make it more enjoyable. If you anticipate that things will go wrong and take the attitude that it just makes the whole thing more memorable you are on your way to a successful wedding no matter what happens.

9. Delegate!

Are you feeling like a lone wolf in the desert? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the entire decision making and the responsibility of trying to plan a wedding when you have no idea what you are doing? No worries. There are a lot of people in your circle of trust that can help you. Make a list of people you trust that you can delegate to. Take that list and break it down into tasks that they can help you with. Maybe you have a friend that got married in the past and had an amazing cake or someone that knows what your vision is like and is an amazing organizer. Let them do the seating plan. I am sure if you think about you will come up with tons of great ways to delegate. It is also a good idea to delegate because it allows your close family to feel involved. ? Let your man do what he does best. If he is a planner let him do some planning, ( he might even do all the planning) if he is a caregiver let him take care of you when you feel overwhelmed just make sure that you take some time to really discuss what he would like to do in respect to the wedding. Most woman want to plan their wedding and like to have everything their way but men have their own tastes, needs and wants and even a vision that they had for their wedding. Don´t forget that this is about the two of you.


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