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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Coaching, Feeling Overwhelmed, Health, Work Life Balance | 0 comments

A little bit of selfishness

Is taking time for yourself being selfish? Is making sure that you have extra energy reserves to much to ask? Taking time to go to the gym for some exercise or taking a walk in nature by yourself sound good to us all. We love the idea of curling up with a book in a quiet place and reading to our hearts delight. We relish the thought of not having to do anything for anyone but ourselves. We dream about doing what we want without a thought about anything else. So why don’t we make sure to take time to do these things. They help us to recharge our batteries and keep us sane so what is stopping us?. Guilt like we talked about in the last post but also this sense of responsibility to others. Of course we have an obligation to others, to our kids, to our families to our clients and customers but what about our responsibility to ourselves.

Many years ago when my kids were young I used to work as an esthetician. I had regular clients that came in every week and others that showed up sporadically. I began to notice a pattern in the happiness level of my clients. The ones that took time to take care of themselves were always happier than the ones that sacrificed themselves for their families. Its really a no brainer. If you do everything for others and never anything to balance it out for yourself then how can you be happy? You need to put in as much as you take out.

Think about it. You are like a bank and every time you do something for someone else you are withdrawing money from your account. You continue to withdraw money until there is no money left. You can apply for an overdraft but eventually even that will be up to the limit and you will need to start taking affirmative action to deal with this deficit. If you don´t the only other option is to declare bankruptcy. You can avoid this by regularly tithing to the bank of you. Many self help gurus say that we should tithe 1-30 percent of our income to the church of us in order to ensure our success. I say that we should tithe 10-30 percent of our care and love to the bank of our own sanity. You have to invest in your own well being if you wan to have anything at all to give to others. Besides this is something we want to give to our children. We want them to take good care of themselves as well.

The next time you are feeling tired, over taxed and frustrated take a moment to ask yourself when the last time you invested in yourself or your well being. Trust me it is not selfish to do something for you. Rather it is a nessessity if we are to survive. We need to be whole in order to create a life where we have work life balance. So selflesly give to yourself, because you are worth it.




 Live, love,  laugh and enjoy the moment because good or bad it will never come again. 

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