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Posted by on Jan 14, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

A Moment in Time- That is all we have with our Children

I have had the opportunity to spend time with my children who have been away at university and with my daughter who is going to be away for 6 moths, my youngest who is 16 for the past month. My youngest is going to go to school in Canada while I will be living in Iceland. We have had alone time which we never have and it is awesome. We talk, laugh, are silly, make dinner and go out to book stores and find treasures. It makes me think a lot. I was at my sisters the other day and she was showing us videos of my kids when they were little. I know they should make me happy but they don´t. They make me sad because those days are gone. I will never have them back. I cant remember the faces, expressions, silliness, or funny things that they said. I draw a blank, those memories are lost. I almost want to go to a hypnotist and have those memories brought up up the surface so that I remember them.

Tonight I got the thought into my head that we have a moment in time. That is it, a moment in time with our children, It is precious, wonderful and fleeting. It disappears before we know it.

With that thought in mind I cherish each moment, each hour and each momentary drama that happens because I know that before I know it it will e all over.

My aunt was over yesterday and she was telling me that she is 58, she knows now that time is of the essence. It will be over in less that 25 years or so. That when we look back is no time at all.

Maybe it is time to let all the fears fall away, get rid of all the insecurities and just enjoy what is.

This is it.

This is life, today, there is nothing else.

Soon we will be gone and life will go on.



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