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Posted by on Sep 22, 2009 in Feeling Overwhelmed, MISL, Responsibility | 0 comments

Amazing how time flies.

running out of time

running out of time

Wow, you know I never cease to be amazed at how time flies. does that  ever happen to you?

I wake up in the morning and have tons of plans but do not seem to accomplish any of what I want to do. For instance this morning. I woke up early and went to the gym. Great start. but after that everything seems to run together.I unexpectedly had to go to my kids school and deal with an issue there. That took me at least an hour then after that I spent an hour calming down because I tend to get upset when I have to deal with the icelandic school system. I will have to tell you about that later. Next it was time to make lunch because I was hungry. I then did some research for work and wrote some emails. By this time it was 2pm. I backed up my computer which had become unbearably slow. I tend to download programs depending on how interesting they are not if they are compatible with Vista. next I started creating my power tool. By this time my daughter had arrived at home and was very upset because she was not able to go to a friends house for a party. We could not get ahold of them so we did not know where to go. I spent some time with her to try to make her feel , began to tell her a story. I fell asleep during the story and woke up at 5. It is now 6 pm and I am making dinner. Where did the day go? 3 coaching hours tonight and then the day will be done.

Better luck tomorrow.

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