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Posted by on Jun 6, 2017 in Coaching, Goals | 0 comments

You are seconds from changing your life!

Have you ever been in bed and the alarm clock goes off and you think to yourself damn I was going to go to the gym but what does it hurt if I just snooze for 10 minutes? What about when you come home and know you need to put away the laundry or clean up the office but you watch an episode of Game of Thrones instead? What about when you need to check some emails or make appointments but you just don’t feel like it? Well, I am telling you right now, that kind of behavior will not change your life. What you need to realize is that you have all of 5 seconds to make a decision to just do it. If you procrastinate it will just go on your endless to-do list. Right. Not so fun is it? There are some solutions to this problem that can help you to stop procrastinating and start taking action. Number one Countdown Here is the thing if you are in...

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How to go to University after 40

OK so here it is. Here in Iceland it is very common to go to University as an adult. I am by far not in the older faction of students at school. I see many people older than me working there but´s off to make a better life or to follow their dreams. I love it. We the older people have a totally different experience than the younger generation. We demand respect and when we don´t get it we become insulted. I have experienced more in the last 5 months than in the last few years. I have become an advocate for respect at school. Here is my experience; So I show up totally unexperienced and have no idea of what to expect. I haven’t been in school for a long time) over 20 years). My first week was all about shell shock and dealing with the aftermath. The next week the anger set in. Where do I start? The teachers speak to everyone like children, “kids lets settle...

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When Mental health Issues get in the way

I deceided to go to university last year, more as a thought than a deecision. I applied on a whim, paid to make sure I had some options and bought books to see what it was all about. I showed up that first day thinking that I would try it for one day which turned into a week then a semester. I had my breakdown, thought I would quit, a story for another time but persisted. I was having multiple panic attacks a day, understandibly it was a new experience and it infringed on my grownup relaxed lifestyle. It was horrible yet great at the same time. I have had many panic attacks in the past and know how to get through them. I realize that I wont die, I will get through it and after a little while ( sometmes a long time) I will be OK. Most people don´t understand but that is OK but sometimes I get frustrated because I have to work so much harder for...

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Posted by on Jul 17, 2015 in Accomplishment, Blame, Coaching, Goals, Responsibility | 0 comments

8 Reasons Why You Need To Man Up And Take Responsibility For Your Life

When we are little we are cute and innocent and our biggest goal is to learn through play, relationships and experiences. We are taught to listen to our parents, to be nice to our siblings, not to hit or pull hair. We are encouraged to be kind and to apologize when we do something wrong. We go to school where we are taught to follow the rules, not to tattle on anyone and to conform to the school policy and culture. We learn to look past things that bother us because to deal with them would cause conflict. We graduate to middle school and begin to compare ourselves to others, affecting our self esteem and causing us to learn the fine art of gossiping, blaming and denial. We see this big crowded world as an intimidating place where things happen to us, a place where we have no control, and we don´t. Kids usually are not taught to feel autonomous, to feel in control of their destiny and in...

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Posted by on Jul 9, 2015 in Coaching, Feeling Overwhelmed, Happiness, Motivational, Productivity, Relationships, Responsibility | 0 comments

Get A Clue! 6 Reasons Your Life is a Mess!

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  Are you going through life clueless about what is going on around you and basically just stumbling along the path set out for you? Do you feel lost and off track? Does it seem like everything is against you? Do you find yourself complaining about others, work, your life or your relationships to people that can in no way do anything about it? Do you feel like you have tons of potential but that you don’t seem to be able to tap into it? Thats very common but not something you need to feel if you are ready to make a change. Life is a wonderful thing. It will leave you clues if you are doing the wrong thing and will reward you when you do the right thing. We have all had that feeling of elation when everything just seems to go right, you love your job, you have a great relationship, opportunities just seem to come to you. the opposite can happen to when things seem...

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