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Posted by on Apr 25, 2012 in Accomplishment, Mindset, Motivational, Self Confidence | 0 comments

Meditate your way to more self confidence

There is no question in my mind that meditation is a great way to boost your self confidence and improve your quality of life. When you meditate you slow down your thinking and clear your mind of all of the excess negative thoughts that have been floating around in your head all day. You allow your brain to heal itself and heal these thoughts. Yourself conscious works through the thoughts that you are thinking and helps you to develop a clearer and better perspective. It is as simple as purchasing some meditation CD´s and taking the time to listen to them. The trick is to prepare for your meditation. Get in the right mindset. Let the other people in your family know that for the next 30 minutes or so you are unavailable. If you think ahead and take precautions to avoid disturbances you will not be disturbed.   Create a comfortable space whether it is in a chair the couch or a bed. Make sure the temperature is...

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Posted by on Mar 7, 2012 in Accomplishment, Mindset, Motivational, Self Confidence, Uncategorized | 1 comment

How heal your soul with positive self talk

Positive self talk can play a big role in healing your soul and gaining work life balance. This article gives you five great ways to to change your life. Healing your soul, creating positive self esteem and motivating yourself through self talk is a possibility. I know I have done it. Many years ago I suffered from no motivation, helplessness and despair. I didn’t have direction, felt I couldn’t achieve my goals and was overwhelmed with my life. I was very depressed and was spiralling downwards. I was at a crossroads and had to make a choice. I knew that I had to make one of two choices. I could continue feeling the way I was feeling or I could take control of my life and my feelings. I chose the latter. This is how I did it, this is my story. About 4 years ago I was working at most 60 % capacity and was overwhelmed with my life. I wasn´t enjoying my children or my family and was chronically unhappy. My...

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Posted by on Feb 21, 2012 in Accomplishment, Feeling Overwhelmed, Happiness, Light Hearted Lessons, Mindset, Motivational, Productivity | 2 comments

Who am I now?

Lucky for me we have Netflix so I can occasionally watch a little TV. There is not a lot of good programming here if you only have the basic channels.  I am not usually very good at choosing programs to watch and tend to watch Desperate Housewives, movies or reality shows but not always. I became enamored with this TV series this winter. The United States of Tara is about a multiple personality housewife that struggles with balancing and managing her disease and family. She succeeds just barely and has many adventures along the way. It is so easy to feel her pain and understand her frustration. Don´t get me wrong, what she goes through in the show is by far over and above what anyone could probably withstand and I do not have multiple personality. I feel for those who do and only have sympathy and compassion for them and realize that I cannot possibly feel what they feel or know their pain. That said I do think that as a woman, a mompreneur that has experience being a housewife, mother, business woman ,...

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