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Posted by on Jan 1, 2015 in Life Coach, MISL, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Why a summer internship is essential for your future

After a grueling first semester, what most students want to do, once exams are over, is to tune out. That´s understandable, however what they should be doing is tuning in, to the internship programs available. The big bad world is a beast when it comes to finding a job after graduation. It is intimidating to say the least, especially if you have kept your head down and done your best to get good grades and are looking for a competitive job. The problem is that good grades may not be enough these days. Many students and employers now believe that it´s not just your grades that matter but the experience you have gained during your University years. That can be done through joining clubs, teams, contributing to newspapers, doing charity work, apprenticing or doing summer internships. This article is going to enlighten you on the benefits of summer internships, which I think are the best way to gain experience during school and to prepare you for the working world....

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Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Light Hearted Lessons, Looking Inside, MISL, Relationships | 0 comments

Memories of times gone by

I sit here watching the whithered gaunt face of my beloved grandfather as he struggles for breath. His breathing is raspy. Thats normal according to the instructional booklet for the family of the dying. He probably won’t wake up.  I’ve already said my last words and he has said his. His voice will now only exist on the videos captured in the past. I feel mixed  feelings of sadness for me and relief for him. He was ready, far more so than I.  I have almost been avoiding this, him for a few weeks but now its inevitable. He will turn 91 in a month and that can be a time for looking back at the many years we spent together.  Some of his favorite memories that he loved to remind me of flood back as I sit and wait to hear if their will be another breath after the last. My little friend Shawn from Lynn Lake Manitoba that would call out Drifffffaaa when he was looking for...

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Posted by on Mar 22, 2013 in MISL, The at home Entrepreneur | 0 comments

100 Signs that you are working to much

You sometimes find yourself looking for something to wear in the dirty laundry You have begun to look at bed head as a cool new hairstyle You can’t go swimming until after you make an appointment with your waxer Veggie patties in the oven and rice seem like an awful lot of work for dinner You inhale food standing up while the kids sit at the table or you don´t eat at all Your attitude is if it isn’t fast and easy you ain´t cooking it. You can’t remember who waxes your legs. You remember the gym fondly Your dirt tolerance has increased to the point of no return You have a short notice appointment deal with your hairdresser You do all your duty calls to family, friends, clients, etc in the car You feel like your kids school is stalking you with information emails You often half complete projects because something more pressing comes up You have little pieces of paper everywhere that have to do lists and...

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Busy weekend doing nothing

I just spent the weekend doing pretty much nothing. I watched some good movies, visited my 89 year old grandfather, took the kids out for treats and had coffee with a friend but that was about it. I allow myself the occasional weekend where I don’t go on the computer very much because lets face it everyone needs a break sometimes. Right now is an especially hectic time for me because I am taking a course that starts today, planning my daughters confirmation, planning a family reunion that will be this summer without which none of my family will come to visit this summer. I am launching my new website Balanced Mompreneur, writing copy and on top of that I am also recruiting 4 staff members and 10 interns and improving my internship program.  Once these things are well on their way I will plan a big conference and figure out what to do with my sister, her boyfriend and their 4 boys that are between the ages of 6 and 8, my other sister and her boyfriend, my mother and my aunt and...

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Posted by on Jan 29, 2012 in MISL | 1 comment

My step daughter was diagnosed with ODD

My step daughter was diagnosed with ODD Oppositional Defiance Disorder yesterday. We received a diagnosis for ODD. We were not sure what to expect but I can tell you it wasn´t this. I had never even heard of it but from what I have been told by a friend of mine who has been in group therapy for years it is really common. We were a little taken aback. At first we went into a little denial but it lasted only as long as it took Google to bring up the symptoms. They were spot on. We had been dealing with this for the past 2 years. She had been defiant, constantly arguing with us, coming home late, touchy, moody, failing at school, blaming others for her misgivings and twisting the truth. This sweet little girl had changed, become someone we didn’t recognize. As we went through the self tests and information we realised that this was something that needed to be addressed and  fast. According to the American Academy of child and...

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