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Posted by on Nov 16, 2017 in Accomplishment, Blame, Coaching, Freedom, Happiness, Light Hearted Lessons, Looking Inside, Mindset, Motivational, Responsibility, Self Confidence, Work Life Balance | 0 comments

Irritated? Here is a quick fix.

Well here is the second post in our series of posts that help you to figure out where you are now and where you want to go next year so it can be the most productive year ever. Tay we are going to talk about getting out of the rut that has been created by your underlying limited belief that others or other things are to blame for the things you are unhappy with yourself or in your life. Think about this, have you ever been pissed off at the scorching heat or the 30 below winter when you know you live in that climate? Probably not, do you know why? its simply because you can´t change it but you can change how you deal with it and think about it. It’s you, your perception and your reactions that are the key here. If you have the heat or the cold you can move, or you can dress less, go for a swim, put on a parka, take up...

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Posted by on Jul 17, 2015 in Accomplishment, Blame, Coaching, Goals, Responsibility | 0 comments

8 Reasons Why You Need To Man Up And Take Responsibility For Your Life

When we are little we are cute and innocent and our biggest goal is to learn through play, relationships and experiences. We are taught to listen to our parents, to be nice to our siblings, not to hit or pull hair. We are encouraged to be kind and to apologize when we do something wrong. We go to school where we are taught to follow the rules, not to tattle on anyone and to conform to the school policy and culture. We learn to look past things that bother us because to deal with them would cause conflict. We graduate to middle school and begin to compare ourselves to others, affecting our self esteem and causing us to learn the fine art of gossiping, blaming and denial. We see this big crowded world as an intimidating place where things happen to us, a place where we have no control, and we don´t. Kids usually are not taught to feel autonomous, to feel in control of their destiny and in...

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Posted by on Jul 9, 2015 in Coaching, Feeling Overwhelmed, Happiness, Motivational, Productivity, Relationships, Responsibility | 0 comments

Get A Clue! 6 Reasons Your Life is a Mess!

  Are you going through life clueless about what is going on around you and basically just stumbling along the path set out for you? Do you feel lost and off track? Does it seem like everything is against you? Do you find yourself complaining about others, work, your life or your relationships to people that can in no way do anything about it? Do you feel like you have tons of potential but that you don’t seem to be able to tap into it? Thats very common but not something you need to feel if you are ready to make a change. Life is a wonderful thing. It will leave you clues if you are doing the wrong thing and will reward you when you do the right thing. We have all had that feeling of elation when everything just seems to go right, you love your job, you have a great relationship, opportunities just seem to come to you. the opposite can happen to when things seem...

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Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Coaching, Feeling Overwhelmed, Freedom, Goals, Happiness, Light Hearted Lessons, Mindset, Motivational, Productivity, Responsibility, Self Confidence, Uncategorized, Work Life Balance | 0 comments

The secrets to success

  I have been reading Jack Canfields Success secrets, in fact while I sat in the sun in Spain last week I read the whole book. The secrets really resonated with me because I am a believer in having good habits that promote success and happiness in your life as well as striving to reduce stress and facilitate greater work life balance in your life. As mompreneurs and working mothers I am sure you will appreciate this, . Then today I was with my interns and was telling them about the book when they began to be really interested. Their faces lit up and they leaned forward to learn more about how they to could get a leg up on life. They are all really intelligent individuals that will go on to change the world with their wisdom and I look forward to following their journey through life. While I was talking to them they expressed a genuine interest in having me teach them one principle a day so that they could...

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Posted by on Nov 6, 2010 in Accomplishment, MISL, Productivity, Responsibility, Time Management | 2 comments

Work Life Balance in the real world

I am sitting here sniffling up a storm as I write this post. I havent had breakfast but I think I might just pour myself some COCO Puffs now. OK got them. I have read Escape from Cubicle Nation on my Kindle for the last few days and have found it really inspiring. It’s funny how deep down inside you already know most of what you rediscover in books but somehow it seems to lay just under the surface of your mind staying in stealth mode until with the innocent reading of a book it bubbles to the surface. I have never been a huge fan of 9-5 or conformity so the corporate world shouldnt appeal to me. I do however find it quite alluring. It is really easy to understand your place in the pecking order, the business card declares who you are to anyone interested in looking at it and you take on projects with a lot riding on them. The thing is when it comes down...

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Posted by on Nov 10, 2009 in Freedom, Looking Inside, MISL, Responsibility | 2 comments

Living free as a kid in the 70´s

We can all remember what it was like to be a kid in the old days. We ran outside with no shoes on, played in the creek, went to the mine and explored. One time, one of the children fell into the water by the mine. We tried to pull him up countless times but couldn’t do it. Who knows why, maybe because we were all under 7 years old? Who knows, but we were pretty determined to do it ourselves because each and every one of us had been warned not to go there. The water was dangerous and the poor kid was getting scared. We finally did go get a parent to help and I can’t remember if we stopped frequenting the mine though. I doubt it, there was allot of Iron Pyrite there Fools Gold and we were young and foolish, so it was right up our ally. We played where ever we wanted to because the town was our playground. We ran around the neighbourhood as much as we wanted to and...

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