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Your First Step to an Awesome life

I think I live a pretty good life. I am a life coach and success coach so I self-coach and review where I am regularly. I frequently make lists that are the changes that I want to institute in the near future, but once in a while I really get down to business and start to pick apart what needs to really change so that I can have the life I really want. One of the reasons I do this is because I begin to catch myself thinking why haven’t I achieved my goal or I thought I would be in a different place by now or arg, they left their plates on the kitchen counter, what the hell do they think I am their personal maid!!!! lol, This is typical of someone who has forgotten that everything we live, we create, and so now it is time to recreate the life we really want. This overhaul usually begins to happen about now, November. The reason for this is...

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How to go to University after 40

OK so here it is. Here in Iceland it is very common to go to University as an adult. I am by far not in the older faction of students at school. I see many people older than me working there but´s off to make a better life or to follow their dreams. I love it. We the older people have a totally different experience than the younger generation. We demand respect and when we don´t get it we become insulted. I have experienced more in the last 5 months than in the last few years. I have become an advocate for respect at school. Here is my experience; So I show up totally unexperienced and have no idea of what to expect. I haven’t been in school for a long time) over 20 years). My first week was all about shell shock and dealing with the aftermath. The next week the anger set in. Where do I start? The teachers speak to everyone like children, “kids lets settle...

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When Mental health Issues get in the way

I deceided to go to university last year, more as a thought than a deecision. I applied on a whim, paid to make sure I had some options and bought books to see what it was all about. I showed up that first day thinking that I would try it for one day which turned into a week then a semester. I had my breakdown, thought I would quit, a story for another time but persisted. I was having multiple panic attacks a day, understandibly it was a new experience and it infringed on my grownup relaxed lifestyle. It was horrible yet great at the same time. I have had many panic attacks in the past and know how to get through them. I realize that I wont die, I will get through it and after a little while ( sometmes a long time) I will be OK. Most people don´t understand but that is OK but sometimes I get frustrated because I have to work so much harder for...

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React and Fail or Respond and Conquer

In life we tend to follow past behaviors. We do what we have always done and we get the results we have always gotten. It sucks because we don´t get anywhere with this behavior. We can change it with a little modification called responding vs reacting. I was thinking today about the song Dear Liza. You must remember it from childhood. There is a hole in the bucket dear Lisa, Dear Lisa, there is a hole in the bucket, dear Liza a hole. Just fix it dear Liza, dear Liza, dear Liza, just fix it dear Liza, dear Liza fix it. We tend to forget that when we have a problem and we complain about it the only person able to fix it is us. We forget that we are the only ones responsible for our lives and the outcomes that come from it. We need to understand that we have control over what happens in the future by making choices that can positivly affect our lives. If we...

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Posted by on May 7, 2015 in Family, Feeling Overwhelmed, Goals, Happiness, Kids, Looking Inside, mompreneur, Motivational, Productivity, The at home Entrepreneur, Time Management, Uncategorized, Work Life Balance | 0 comments

From Mom to Mompreneur The 10 Essential Traits My Kids Taught Me about Running a Business

Everything I know about being a Mompreneur I learned from raising my Kids As a business owner I am sure you have experienced times when you felt overwhelmed, flustered, frustrated, desperate, confused and out of your league. Some of you may have wanted to give up. You may have thought that you were in over your head. This was not the reason you got into business. You pictured freedom to choose how you spent your time, being your own boss and having time for yourself, but this is not the reality. I am going to show you that you can have all those things if you just look back at what you learned from being a parent. I have been thinking about how I learned to run a business, where I drew the wisdom from, what experiences helped me along the way and what drives me to continue even when things don´t seem to be working out. Every time I get the same answer; I learned it from being a...

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What others think of you is none of your business

I had someone say that to me as we were having a conversation. When it is said to you, the tendancy is to think WHAT??? but it is so true. If we are constantly thinking about what others think it will distract us from our primary goal. We need to stay focused on the ball. If you are doing what you love and what you know is your path then who really cares what the minority thinks. Stay out of other peoples business and stay in your own.   Have a great...

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