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Get the life you really want

Calm the Chaos And get the life you really want   As a life coach I have heard so many business owners say, if only there were ten of me or My business is running me to the ground, I work 18 hour days never take a day off, I make great money but at the expense of my family, I have lots of toys but don´t have time to play with them, I want to delegate but can’t find anyone to my standards, the stress is killing me, I survive life instead of living it. It breaks my heart to hear that so many people feel this way. That is why I decided to share my 7 secrets to taking on these common problems and winning the fight on overwhelm, stress and frustration. The most common reason entrepreneurs get into business is because they are excited about their concept, they are pumped to work at something they love. They want to be their own boss, the ruler of...

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A Moment in Time- That is all we have with our Children

I have had the opportunity to spend time with my children who have been away at university and with my daughter who is going to be away for 6 moths, my youngest who is 16 for the past month. My youngest is going to go to school in Canada while I will be living in Iceland. We have had alone time which we never have and it is awesome. We talk, laugh, are silly, make dinner and go out to book stores and find treasures. It makes me think a lot. I was at my sisters the other day and she was showing us videos of my kids when they were little. I know they should make me happy but they don´t. They make me sad because those days are gone. I will never have them back. I cant remember the faces, expressions, silliness, or funny things that they said. I draw a blank, those memories are lost. I almost want to go to a hypnotist and have those...

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How Can You Expect to Help Others When You Don´t Help Yourself?

You are a business owner, you are juggling family and work and trying to still keep your own sanity. You want to have time for yourself but you always seem to be the last in line. No matter what you do it never seems to work. You need to find a support system to help you. You want to help others but you are not helping yourself. You build your business, market like a fiend, tweet, write articles, send out Facebook statuses and work your but off. You feel overwhelmed and feel like everything at home is falling apart. That is not good enough. You deserve to have it all, a family that loves you and you have amazing moments with, a business that is successful and a friends network that you cherish, but what are you doing for yourself? Do you have someone that supports you? As a business owner you know that without support you will wither away, overwhelmed by everything you need to do everyday. You...

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The Business of Being a Mom-How to Eliminate Stress and Love Your Life

This post is dedicated to you girls, you know who you are. Being a stay at home mom has its perks but it also has a downside. The image of being what I call a front line coordinator is awesome for those that don’t do it. It is coveted by working moms world wide because they believe you get these incredible moments, fantastic times when you connect with your kids and that life is just easier, smoother and pleasant when you are home. We are going to explore that in this post. What is life like a working mom? Wake up, get the kids up, get them to brush their teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, all the while trying to get your face on, trying to do something about that hair and pick clothes so you look presentable. You drag them to the car  a panic because you are afraid you will be late for work. Shit you forgot the lunches, OK Tim Hortons drive through and were good....

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Why a summer internship is essential for your future

After a grueling first semester, what most students want to do, once exams are over, is to tune out. That´s understandable, however what they should be doing is tuning in, to the internship programs available. The big bad world is a beast when it comes to finding a job after graduation. It is intimidating to say the least, especially if you have kept your head down and done your best to get good grades and are looking for a competitive job. The problem is that good grades may not be enough these days. Many students and employers now believe that it´s not just your grades that matter but the experience you have gained during your University years. That can be done through joining clubs, teams, contributing to newspapers, doing charity work, apprenticing or doing summer internships. This article is going to enlighten you on the benefits of summer internships, which I think are the best way to gain experience during school and to prepare you for the working world....

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Posted by on Oct 30, 2014 in Accomplishment, Goals, Micro Expressions and Body language, Motivational, Productivity, Uncategorized | 0 comments

How to increase your sales without compromising your integrity!

Most sales professionals would like to excel at their jobs, but find themselves struggling to achieve increased sales. An easy way to combat this problem is to learn to read your customers micro expressions. If you are in sales, you understand how important it is to make a sale. If you are like me you feel like it is a challenge, a puzzle and an exciting journey, but it can be very challenging especially when you feel you are not connecting with the customer or cannot really see how they are feeling towards what you are saying. Many sales people look for advice, books on selling better and sales courses to help them increase their sales but find that the advice and practices that are required make them feel uncomfortable. Having a high standard for personal ethics, practicing integrity and being honest genuine and a good listener not only give you a satisfying feeling at the end of the day but can increase sales however you may feel you would like to get an edge on the competition. Thats...

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