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Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 in Accomplishment, Children, Family, Productivity, The at home Entrepreneur, Work Life Balance | 0 comments

Don´t feel like cooking? No problem. Here is a dinner you can make in 10 minutes that makes the kids smile.

Well today around dinner time I had to contemplate whether or not to make dinner or have make your own dinner night. I felt like something good so I opted for dinner but since I did not feel like cooking it had to be FAST, EASY and TASTE GOOD with LITTLE OR NO CLEANUP:

soft taco

I succeeded and here is what I did;

  1. Throw some ground beef in a pan
  2. Raid the cupboard  for spices I used Piri Piri, Oregano, Pepper, salt, seasoning and beef oxo
  3. Throw it on
  4. grab tortillas and lay out on counter
  5. Take taco sauce and slather some on each tortilla
  6. stir beef
  7. Grab tomato, onion and red pepper and chop fine slices be generous
  8. place on each tortilla
  9. stir beef
  10. wash knife and cutting board
  11. Grab lettuce and spinach and place on tortilla be generous
  12. Slice up cheese or use pre shredded and throw on
  13. Rip up wax paper squares large enough to wrap tortillas in and place under each
  14. Stir beef and place in even portions on tortillas
  15. Grab sides and bend in then grab the part close to you and fold over, next roll grabbing the insides and shoving them in and roll into fajita roll
  16. Take wax paper and pull over one end then one side and roll until closed
  17. Wash pan and spatula, clean counter or tell the kids to
  18. Call kids for dinner and enjoy
  19. Ahh no clean up and you are done in no time and the kids are happy
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