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Posted by on Jul 9, 2015 in Coaching, Feeling Overwhelmed, Happiness, Motivational, Productivity, Relationships, Responsibility | 0 comments

Get A Clue! 6 Reasons Your Life is a Mess!


Are you going through life clueless about what is going on around you and basically just stumbling along the path set out for you? Do you feel lost and off track? Does it seem like everything is against you? Do you find yourself complaining about others, work, your life or your relationships to people that can in no way do anything about it? Do you feel like you have tons of potential but that you don’t seem to be able to tap into it? Thats very common but not something you need to feel if you are ready to make a change.

Life is a wonderful thing. It will leave you clues if you are doing the wrong thing and will reward you when you do the right thing. We have all had that feeling of elation when everything just seems to go right, you love your job, you have a great relationship, opportunities just seem to come to you. the opposite can happen to when things seem much more difficult. You may be stressed at work, unhappy at home, overly tired or irritable. These are all symptoms of the frustration that you feel because you don´t feel your life is going as it should. If you feel that way it means that you know there is something better out there for you and that you can obtain it, so my question to you is why don’t you?


  1. You see the signs, but don´t recognize them as an opportunity for change and don’t act on them. In life we have opportunities to see what is not working in our lives because the universe tells us when something is not right. If you just look for clues you will find them. These clues come in the form of things that are not going the way you want them to go. They can be that your cat constantly pees in the flowerpot (what are you going to do about that), your kids room is always messy, you constantly lose your keys, your overwhelmed at work and have no energy for anything else, you are out of shape, overweight, stressed or in a bad relationship. These are all clues that your life is not going as it should.
    • Solution – Stay present, notice what is going on around you and ask yourself why it is happening then brainstorm possible solutions that will work towards solving the problem.


  1. You take the easy way out anytime you can. You avoid confrontation and try not to rock the boat. When you give an ultimatum you don’t stand behind it or back it up when the shit hits the fan. You make empty promises to placate others. You avoid seeing problems because then you don’t need to deal with them.
    • Solution – Say what you mean and mean what you say. If you see a problem then take decisive action to deal with it.
  1. You don’t take responsibility for your life. Instead you blame others for your lousy life, your boss for demanding too much, your kids for not listening, the stock market for failing, your car dealer for selling you a lemon. When are you going to realize that you said yes to the extra work, you didn’t follow through on the discipline with the kids, you invested in the stocks, you bought the car and that every action you took brought you to this place. Acknowledge that and you will be well on your way to taking your life into your own hands.
    • Solution – Stop blaming, complaining and depending on others to change your life for you. Life is not a lottery, it’s more like a game of chess, every move you make will determine if you win or not. The more you actively play the more you learn if you are paying attention. The more you learn from your mistakes and make calculated moves the more likely you are to win.
  1. You don’t´ ask for what you want and that is most likely because you are afraid. Afraid of what others will say, afraid of letting others know you are unhappy, afraid of conflict or afraid you won’t get what you want even if you ask.
    • Solution – First identify what it is that you want or need then find the key person that can help you to get what you want. If you are overwhelmed at work then speak to your boss, if you are unhappy in your relationship speak to your spouse. They are not mind readers and neither are you so go ask, my guess is that you will get a better response than you thought.


  1. You do the same thing again and again expecting a different result which as I am sure you know is insanity. This might be that you constantly say yes to extra work hoping no one else will ask if they see you are too busy or asking your kids the same way to clean their rooms.
    • Solution – If you have tried it before and it is not working then it won’t work in the future. Try something else, do something different and open your mind to new possibilities.


  1. You allow things to happen, you allow things to slide, your an avoider a follower and even possibly like to play the role of the victim. When your teenager leaves all kinds of dishes and stuff in the livingroom you do nothing or very little about it and if you discipline there is no follow through. When your business is failing you continue to act as if it’s going fine hoping the problem will go away. When you can see that your spouse is unhappy you ignore it hoping things will get better.
    • Solution – Stop avoiding the inevitable. Ask yourself what the worst thing is that could happen if you deal with the situation and then ask yourself gain except about what would happen if you didn’t deal with the situation. I think you will find that there is more hope and a better outcome in taking action.


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Drifa Ulfarsdottir ACC CPC , is a work life balance coach and is the founder and CEO of Balanced Mompreneur is a Associate Professional Coach has been a member of the International Coaching Federation a regulating body for the coaching industry since 2010. She helps busy mompreneurs stop the tug of war between their families. By using her simple solutions mompreneurs can find more time for themselves, their families and their business so they become better mothers, wives, sisters,daughters friends and business owners Grab your free report 5 Secrets to Running your Family and Business Like a Well Oiled Machine at or contact me at


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