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Posted by on Feb 28, 2013 in Coaching, Life Coach, Light Hearted Lessons, Mindset | 0 comments

Get a hold of your thinking!

It is time to grow up, in your thinking anyway. The time for the easygoing, carefree life where you can let your mind run free is over. There is too much junk in there. If you are reading this you have lived quite a life, you have baggage, you have a backpack full of experiences behind you and you know that the only person that is really responsible for your life is you.


We all have thoughts flowing through our mind constantly, anywhere from 12000 to 50 000 a day according to the National Science Foundation. That is pretty powerful. That is why we need to be extremely conscious of the power that these thoughts hold. As these thoughts flow through our minds we are not even aware a lot of the time of the feelings that accompany them. We feel sad, happy, irritated, angry or frustrated sometimes without knowing why. My guess is that one or more of those thousands of thoughts is getting in the way and causing a reaction in your brain causing those feelings.


Just imagine if you actually had more control over some of these thoughts. If they weren’t quite as random as they seem. If you could actually check the thoughts at the door before you let them into your reality? To me that sounds really interesting because then all of a sudden you don´t just have random thoughts and feelings that come up from nowhere rather a controlled thought process (at least a reined in one) that you can guide into the state of mind that suits you.



A great example of this is depression. When we are depressed we have many negative thoughts. These thoughts influence how we feel which influences how we deal with situations that come up in our lives. How we deal with these situations influences how we feel. It is a vicious circle. What if we would purposely take each thought that we can decipher and check it at the door like a door man. If it does not suit us we don’t let it past us, kick it out so to speak. What if we took it even further and actually took each thought and molded it to what we want it to be? That would take a lot of effort and time but it would also have a lot of dividends. It’s like growing a garden but instead of flowers you are growing your thoughts.


Taking control of your thoughts can be done by using meditation, through self check and through self awareness and self discovery. You need to listen to your thoughts and actually notice them in order to evaluate them. Meditation almost seems to do this automatically but I would also recommend getting a life coach for instance to help you find those underlying hidden beliefs and thoughts that are hard to dig up bit seem to wreak havoc on your life on a daily basis.


When you make a conscious effort to control your thoughts you are actually taking control of how you feel and having a positive impact on your whole life. You will all of a sudden begin to respond to situations and people differently, you will find yourself to be happier and will feel more content in your life. So with spring around the corner and summer on the way why not cultivate a garden, a garden of thoughts that suit you and your purpose. Live life on your terms and be happier for it.


Drifa Ulfarsdottir

Certified Life Coach

Work Life Balance Expert


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