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Get the life you really want

Calm the Chaos

And get the life you really want


As a life coach I have heard so many business owners say, if only there were ten of me or My business is running me to the ground, I work 18 hour days never take a day off, I make great money but at the expense of my family, I have lots of toys but don´t have time to play with them, I want to delegate but can’t find anyone to my standards, the stress is killing me, I survive life instead of living it. It breaks my heart to hear that so many people feel this way. That is why I decided to share my 7 secrets to taking on these common problems and winning the fight on overwhelm, stress and frustration.

The most common reason entrepreneurs get into business is because they are excited about their concept, they are pumped to work at something they love. They want to be their own boss, the ruler of their kingdom or the top dog so that they can have the flexibility to enjoy their lives on their terms. Unfortunately that does not always happen, sometimes things go horribly wrong and there seems to be no way out. By following the 7 simple solutions below you can learn to love your life again, reclaim the passion you once had and become healthy, happy and fulfilled once again.

  1. Release the breaks – I hate to break it to you but you are not number one, you are not the only one in this world capable of running a business, one day you will be gone and someone else will take your place in this big bad world. Face it is true. –Once you make this realization you will find that a huge load is lifted off your shoulders. It feels good to know that if you need a break someone else will be there to take over.  You need to let go of the thought no one is good enough, they won’t do it as well as I can or they won’t uphold my high standards. Ask yourself who you would be without this thought and see if you don´t feel better. If that doesn´t work ask yourself if you afraid they will be better than you?


  1. Stop doing triage – Entrepreneurs often get caught up in the thick of it. There are constant request, endless to do lists and constant emergencies so they have to constantly put out fires. Life becomes a big panic attach. They are always thinking about what they have to do next instead of staying in the moment and focusing on getting things done now. Take a minute to step back and look at what is really happening in your business. Slow down and take it on as a process instead of a struggle to survive. Your attitude and how you perceive the situation can make you or break you, so choose the one that will work for you.




  1.  Remember your dreams – When you were younger you had goals and dreams. You knew that they would work themselves out so that motivated you to build your business. You had loads of momentum, contagious passion and an unending drive to take on the world. Somewhere along the way you lost that feeling. To get that feeling back you need to go back to that place when you felt like that to remind you of what got you into entrepreneurship in the first place. Take some time to sit down and jot down those dreams and goals that fueled the fire within you to help you rekindle those feelings. Write down all of the benefits you would experience if you did delegate to others and had the time to do the things you love and learn to love what you do again. Read this over anytime you need motivation or you doubt whether delegating is for you.


  1. Kill the fear in its tracks– There are 2 base emotions that rue your life. Fear and love. As an adult you can choose which one you want to experience. Realize that fear can translate into anger, anxiety, worry, stress, depression and frustration. To avoid this you need to know that your thoughts create your feelings, so if you have fearful thoughts you will feel fear. Change thoughts and you will change how you feel. When you begin to have racing thoughts like, I can´t do this, I will be late or nothing is working out for me change those thoughts into something that does not evoke the same emotion but such as yes I might be late but it really doesn´t matter.  If you are able to face your fears you will finally be able to be in the moment take more chances and build a richer happier life.



  1. Let go of the adrenaline monster – Entrepreneurs tend to be risk takers, they love the excitement of running a business and get intense satisfaction from the craziness of life. It is what you could call a love hate relationship because all of these things translate into negative feelings to. Having trouble with making decisions (caused by stress) anxiety, stress and overwhelm can result from the constant hustle and bustle of running a business. Take deep breaths, go to yoga, be present and learn to live in the moment. Don´t let your thoughts run way from you. You will have more time for you, a happier family, stronger relationship a better social life, less stress


  1. Shed the extra weight and get rid of the stuff you hate– We all have things that we like doing just like we have stuff we hate doing that we procrastinate on. If you allow yourself to delegate the stuff you hate, you won´t dread doing them anymore. You will also reduce procrastination which leads to low self-esteem and create more wellbeing in your life. Start now, delegate something you hate so you can start your new happy life.



  1. Turn your business into a well-oiled machine – You need to automate as much as you can in your life and business or get someone else to. Many things can be automated as you know, like bill payment or email responses. I bet you even have automation in your business. Already. Here is my suggestion, sit down and brainstorm as many things as you can that you can automate at work and at home. Now go to it tiger.


  1. Become a child again – Stress is the number one complaint I hear from my clients. They are worried and stressed about everything because stress tends to snowball once it gets to a certain level. Follow the tips above and your stress level will automatically reduce, take a class, take a walk, read a book or exercise. You will find that you feel better.

By following this advice you will become more productive, have more time for yourself and reduce your stress level allowing you to feel like there is more of you to go around.


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