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Posted by on Aug 13, 2009 in MISL | 0 comments

Great Relationships

Relationships are very precious to us all. They are a necessary skill that we have to master in order to have fulfilling lives. We have relationships with everyone, our spouse, children, friends and the clerk at the grocery store. In each and every relationship we have a distinct way of communicating that determines how successful the relationship is. When we have good rapport with someone, conversation that really flows we have a better relationship than if the conversation is filled with negative emotion, insecurity or accusations. The conversation does not even have to be obviously negative to bring down a relationship. All it needs it to not be supportive. Powerful communication is the key to great relationships. I actually got a tip about a great book called Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott you can buy it at . I am going to pick it up that is for certain, I thik we can all improve our conversation skills. So what can we do about it? We can acknowledge each other. When we think about our past successes and past failures and reflect on what it is that differentiated the two I think allot of us would agree that the amount of acknowledgement we gave each other had a direct impact on the success of the relationship. If that is so, why don’t we acknowledge each other all the time. I mean we all want to have powerful and successful relationships don’t we? Well I think it has allot to do with us not realizing what the other person needs to feel good. We feel good when we are acknowledged so why wouldn’t others feel good to? So if this is the case how do we acknowledge others? The best way to improve your relationships is to acknowledge the person you are in the relationship regularly. So how do you do it? You go to someone and say I want to acknowledge you for….. and then point out what it is that they have done that is impactful, meaningful or important. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with you That is because its not about you, it is only about them and their accomplishments. Think about it. Look at your relationships with others. When was the last time you pointed out something nice to someone else. Acknowledged their sense of style, generosity or determination. How did it make you feel when you acknowledged them? How did they feel? Was it worth it and if so was it hard. Would you like to do it more often. Do you do it often enough? I would like to challenge you to acknowledge everyone in your family this week and notice what kinds of feelings come up for you. What you get out of it and if it is something you think would improve your life if you did it regularly. There is one more thing I would like to challenge you to do. Look at your significant other and think of ways to acknowledge them. Do it today and tomorrow. In fact do it every day. Think about the karma you will be creating, the wonderful feelings and the communication that will open up from this little gesture that says so much. Try it and comment on this blog. Lets see if we can change our world just a little bit and you might just improve your relationships along the way.


Drifa the Dating Coach

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