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Posted by on Nov 16, 2017 in Accomplishment, Blame, Coaching, Freedom, Happiness, Light Hearted Lessons, Looking Inside, Mindset, Motivational, Responsibility, Self Confidence, Work Life Balance | 0 comments

Irritated? Here is a quick fix.

Well here is the second post in our series of posts that help you to figure out where you are now and where you want to go next year so it can be the most productive year ever. Tay we are going to talk about getting out of the rut that has been created by your underlying limited belief that others or other things are to blame for the things you are unhappy with yourself or in your life.

Think about this, have you ever been pissed off at the scorching heat or the 30 below winter when you know you live in that climate? Probably not, do you know why? its simply because you can´t change it but you can change how you deal with it and think about it. It’s you, your perception and your reactions that are the key here. If you have the heat or the cold you can move, or you can dress less, go for a swim, put on a parka, take up skating or stay indoors in a climate controlled environment.

So why do we think differently about the things that happen in our lives? Why do we let things bother us and perhaps even feel helpless to change them? Well sometimes it is because we are afraid of change, sometimes it is because we think we don´t know what to do to change it and sometimes we just procrastinate the hell out of it. All these actions suck because they get you nowhere. What you really need to do is take a look at what is bothering you, take a real hard look and then do something about it. Sometimes that means taking some hard decisions but let me tell you it is worth it.

You have only one life and you have two choices, to live your life like you are the boss or in a state of helplessness which is not good for anyone period. To figure out what you need to change look at what I call the red flags. Are you frustrated because your kids never clean their room? Stop being a jellyfish parent and set some ground rules and then follow through. Sick and tired of always being tired because you stay up too late? Go to bed earlier. Are you struggling with money? Get a new job, go back to school or ask for a raise. Do you feel like you are alone in your relationship? Get some counseling alone or with your spouse, or take a course with someone like Stacy Martino the Love and Passion Coach

As you can see you can do something to change things. Unfortunately, these are things that we often just complain about to the people we trust in our lives but that is pretty useless because of, number one, they either can’t or won’t do anything about it, number two, it’s not a great idea to be complaining all the time. Who really wants to be around someone who is negative every time you see them.
I guarantee you if you stop the blame game, start taking action about the things that are making you unhappy in your life and keep looking out for the red flags in your life and keep yourself in check, you will feel better and be happier.

Now go get them, tiger.

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