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There are many things that contributed to me being a coach.  

Being a single mother was one, wanting to become a better person was another, but helping people improve their lives really stands out as the main reason I decided to pursue a career in Life Coaching.

About seven years ago I became a single mother of four. I had been running a house, taking care of children and building a career up until that time, but with the support of my husband. After my divorce things changes and I had to do it all alone. It was a big shock, I was devastated, scared and lost. All of a sudden  I realized that it was all up to me to make sure we  not only survived but had a well balanced and happy life.

At first I was I felt overwhelmed at the thought of being a good mother, providing for my children, taking care of the house, while still trying to have some time for myself. But when I took a step back to really look at my life, I realized that I had been successfully juggling a business and family for over 20 years. Not only that, but  I had overcome serious health problems that threatened to take over my life. I had started a business in a new city, and managed to make it successful while my children were young without having the support of a daycare or steady babysitter. Best of all, I managed to do  it all while raising happy, confident, well adjusted, capable children.

If I can do it, so can you!

In this report you will find real solutions to real problems that allow you to create balance and joy in your life so that you do not have to struggle like so many mompreneurs, torn between the needs of their family and the demands of their business.

It can feel like a continuous tug of war, with you in the middle, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can fulfill the role you have chosen for yourself, your family and your business.

Today seven years later I am doing well, I am opening a training center for micro expressions at the center for body language,

and am happy. Life can be great if you allow it to be.

Join the movement.

It’s easy! Click here to  book your  free Balanced Mompreneur Strategy Session.

There is no obligation.

Here’s what a FREE Balanced Mompreneur Strategy Session can help you to discover:

The #1 action you need to take first to create a balanced home life ( It’s not what you think)

How to prioritize, know exactly WHAT to do, WHEN to do it and WHY you are doing it so you can increase your productivity

Learn what you need to stop doing right now in order to feel good about taking time for yourself to do the things you enjoy

Learn the secret to enjoying greater mental and physical health, it’s so simple you will wonder why you didn´t think of it yourself

A surefire way to build a success mindset so you can create balance between your business and your family!

Learn how to manage your time so you can finally have time to think

Simplify your life so you can slow down and enjoy the wealth you have in your family and business.

Coaching is one of the simplest and most effective ways to truly change your life. It will save you precious time and effort not to mention anxiety and frustration once you have made a decision to create a better life.

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