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Posted by on Aug 4, 2014 in Goals, Uncategorized | 0 comments

My Dream Job

I have spent the last year working on a business company that is not my dream job. I put everything on hold for it and put all my effort into this company that was to be my nest egg. It will be successful and after a year of time investment I will advocate so that someone else can take it through the growth phase. This leaves me to think about what do I want. What is MY dream. Where do I want to go from here.


It is very difficult to think about because I have focused on something that is totally different for the past year.

I feel a bit lost like a fish out of water, once again beginning from scratch because as usual I put something other than my dream first. Very typical. Not a mistake rather a bump in the road. A detour on my path, a glitch a roadside stop.

I have spent the past year building a successful business that now needs to go to the next level.

It has been rewarding but not fulfilling the way coaching is.

Now I can focus on what I want. The dream business, the dream life.

I was actually asked to write this post by and I agreed because I think that it was a great idea to get me started on the planning and creation of the next step.


I like to travel, my family lives in Canada while I live in Iceland. I like to work on my terms and to create instructional material, create courses and coach.

I would like to create a coaching conglomerate that encompaes a membership program, timemanagement

and coaching courses that give a better standard of life for my clients and a public speaking career that allows me to travel around the world.

Public speaking, group coaching, conferences and retreats would be a large part of the business.

I want to work on my terms, bring enlightenment to others and enrich others lives through clarity, support and inspiration.


Most of my support comes from clients, associates and colleagues.

I have a plan and a dream that I know with hard work, dedication and determination can work. I am a good coach that gets real results from my clients, I am creative and have a real joy in coaching.


Now I have time and hope to spend it rebuilding my life independant from my previous business.


Wish me luck!





I hope I can count on you my followers to lend me support as I know you are the key to success.





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