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Posted by on Apr 6, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

When Mental health Issues get in the way

I deceided to go to university last year, more as a thought than a deecision. I applied on a whim, paid to make sure I had some options and bought books to see what it was all about. I showed up that first day thinking that I would try it for one day which turned into a week then a semester. I had my breakdown, thought I would quit, a story for another time but persisted. I was having multiple panic attacks a day, understandibly it was a new experience and it infringed on my grownup relaxed lifestyle. It was horrible yet great at the same time. I have had many panic attacks in the past and know how to get through them. I realize that I wont die, I will get through it and after a little while ( sometmes a long time) I will be OK. Most people don´t understand but that is OK but sometimes I get frustrated because I have to work so much harder for the same results because I spend half my time trying to deal with my emotions while they are at keg parties. ( not interested in being there I would feel the need to pull the mom card).

I have had to work in groups with people 20 years younger than me that have much  less responsibillity. That is an experience I will tell you about later, I have been called a kid many times a week and seen disrespect that has made me furious. I have realized I feel sorry for my kids in University for not getting the respect they deserve and learned a tonn which I have forgotten imediatly following exams. I reccomend it. If you are scared, don´t think you can do it but want to try then do. it is worth the experience. You may feel very low at first but it will get better.


I am proud that I have deceided to wait until after the semester to write to the textbook authors to let them know what I think about their run on sentances constant repeating and verbal diarhea. ( tell you about it another time.)


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