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Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in Happiness, Life Coach, Mindset, Motivational | 0 comments

Why Are You Here and What Are You Doing Here?

Why are you here? What is you life’s purpose?


Knowing why we are here can be a challenge. It can be the main question in our lives and a major dilemma that we are fixated on or it can be a non concern depending upon your personality. I recommend knowing why you are here and what your purpose is. If you don´t know then you need to find that out. It is your responsibility and duty towards yourself. The thing is,  if you do not know where you are going how in the world can you expect to get there. The fact is you can´t. You have to know where you are going in order to get there. A pilot does not leave the tamarack unless he knows where he is going. A sailor does not leave port without a plan, an entrepreneur does not embark on a business venture without a business plan just like you should not thrust into life without a life plan.

Why are you here? What is your purpose? I don´t mean what do your parents, relatives, pears or society expect from you I mean what do you want? You need to find your life purpose if you want to follow your dreams and be happy.  What are you good at? What do you like doing? What wakes you up in the morning? That is your reason for living, your passion and  your life’s dream. What is going to be your mark on the world when you die. Who will you be remembered as. What will you contribute to society that will matter?

Who do you want to be in the future? When you are 80 in the old folks home what will you be remembered for or better yet what do you want to be remembered for? Who do you want to be when you look back at your life. ? You need to figure that out. You need to create a life’s purpose that reflects your goals and dreams.

I have a life’s purpose and it is to help others to create a life they can enjoy, love and feel exited about while living in their ideal life. I want others to be in a situation where they feel passion every day, happiness and appreciation for the wonders of life. I want to inspire others to go further, reach farther and to realize their dreams. What is your mark on the world?

You need to figure out what drives you. What creates passion within you. I am not talking about the pressures you feel from family society or your mind I am talking about what you really want deep down inside. What excites you? My son said to me a few months ago that he loves music well go there and explore I said. Make sure you cover your bases but try it. Then he called and said he wanted to travel. I have reservations but they are mine and mine alone. He needs to follow his own road. Do what you feel is right for you. Take chances, try new things, explore and enjoy your life. Today he has decided to go to Australia and work for a year, I of course find this very stressful but that is my story he needs to find his own way.


If you are living someone else s dream then you are not living your life for you. Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Is it for you or for someone else?Is it because you feel pressured or because you are afraid to do what you really want? Make sure that you are doing what you are doing because you want to not because you feel you need to.

Ask yourself;

If you had a perfect life what would it be?

If money was not an object what would you do?

How do my desires reflect my life’s purpose?

if I follow my life’s purpose where will my life lead me?




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Drifa Ulfarsdottir

Certified Life Coach

Work Life Balance Expert


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